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AMLF has been providing logistics and supply chain solutions for bulk liquid transportation and in-transit storage for over 26 years, with utmost dedication to material safety and security. AMLF owes its success to its expert professionals, state-of-the-art technologies, extensive fleet, and the confidence of many blue-chip clients. At AMLF, we are a team of passionate logistics executives and technicians who persistently strive to offer you an uncompromised quality of services.

Our mission

To provide reliable and efficient logistics and transportation solutions while building long-term partnerships and continuously improving and innovating in a responsible way.

Our vision

To be the leading provider of logistics and transportation services, known for exceptional customer service and innovative solutions, and to make a positive impact on communities and environments.


metric tonnes of monthly bulk movement

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Managed logistics and transportation for leading businesses


Trusted Logistics Partner to Global Brands For Over 26 Years!

Our logistics and transportation company specializes in the efficient movement of bulk liquid materials from one location to another. With a fleet of modern & well-maintained vehicles and robust warehousing infrastructure, AMLF is prepared to support you with a complete supply chain solution. 

Our team of experienced professionals works closely with each client to develop customized logistics solutions that meet their specific needs and requirements. We pride ourselves on our punctuality, flexibility, and commitment to customer satisfaction, and we are dedicated to helping our clients streamline their supply chain and get their bulk liquids where they need to go, safely and on time.

Bulk liquid management

We offer a dedicated cloud-based ERP system.

Advanced Safety Features

Insulation, flame arrest, temperature check, Abloy locks, and bottle seals.

Real-Time Tracking

Tracking systems to ensure the safe and timely delivery of bulk materials.

24/7 Hours Support

A dedicated customer support team to handle your queries round the clock.

Road Freight Services

AMLF is highly skilled and experienced in the transportation of bulk liquids across India via road. We have an extensive fleet of over 350 ISO tanks, over 400 vehicles, and specialized road freight drivers for the smooth operation of transportation processes. We can transport up to 39000 litres of bulk liquid safely and securely. Our ISO tanks are installed with special leakage and pilferage protection features—including, dedicated freight tracking and monitoring services.

Railway Freight Services

At AMLF we always promote an environmentally sustainable work culture and business process. To this end, we also encourage our clients to opt for our environment-friendly rail transportation model. Rail transportation reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and fuel consumption during transportation. Our rail transportation model reduces We will also provide road transportation for the remaining route that includes door-to-terminal and terminal-to-door.


How we grow

At AMLF the scope and quality of our services are ever-expanding. Our logistics executives have a keen sense of tracking the latest techniques and technologies that prevail in the industry. And our management has a knack for adopting new growth opportunities as new initiatives.

  • Established AMLF as a proprietary firm; geared toward servicing base oil businesses. Incorporated as a private limited company. Added SS tankers.

    1996 – 2005
  • Installed proprietary ERP system. Added key multinational customers. Crossed 100 tankers in the dedicated fleet.

    2006 — 2011
  • Relocated to Vashi facility, added new FMCG customers and another 85 tanks. Added ISO tanks for domestic movements.

    2012 — 2016
  • Commenced rail movements under AMLF MULTIMODAL. 30 KL T4 Swap tanks and 35 KL Swap tanks added to the fleet.

    2017 — 2019
  • Migrated to a cloud-based ERP system. Added T75 LNG Tanks. ISO Tank fleet exceeds 371.

    2019 — Present

Our Professionals

We have a passionate team of logistics professionals, who are dedicated to fulfilling client requirements and constantly evolving their skills to keep their abilities relevant. We have an extensive team of logistics professionals groomed in skills like organization management, data-driven planning, corporate communications, problem-solving, IT, and time management.

Our Technology

Our Logistics company can formulate solutions that combine the best of both software and mechanical technologies to provide you with the most optimized services. We provide efficient logistics solutions by utilizing various management software systems, RFID technologies, GIS, AI/ML systems, conveyor systems, cranes & hoists, material handling & packaging equipment, processing equipment, and transportation equipment. 

Our Fleet

Our fleet is our prized asset when it comes to our transportation success. We maintain a fleet of 350 conventional tankers and 300 ISO tanks; a fleet that accounts for a monthly Pan-India bulk movement of 40000 tons. Depending on the material we can arrange transportation with advanced safety measures, temperature-controlled and compartmentalized tankers, and transit tracking & monitoring.


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