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Service Overview

Get sustainable and eco-friendly multimodal transportation solutions, at AMLF, for your bulk liquid materials. We have over 26 years of experience in bulk liquid transportation across the nation. This has helped us establish a strong and reliable multimodal transportation network throughout the country—ensuring safe and timely delivery under all circumstances. Get optimized transport routes, accurate transportation logistics, and highly personalized solutions & implementations.

  • Over 350 multimodal ISO tank containers, compatible with road vehicles & railcars.
  • A track record of over 250 monthly shipments by rail.
  • Over 400 Icompany-owned vehicles.
  • Expert material handlers, drivers, and mechanics.
  • Experienced logistics & transportation executives.
  • In-house bulk liquid management ERP system.

AMLF: A one-stop multimodal transportation solution for your bulk liquids

Eco-friendly multimodal transportation

Road transport has its own business benefits, true! But, we must not undermine its hazardous impact on the environment. The process of bulk liquid transportation by road involves, both, fuel consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases in massive quantities. Transport your bulk liquid via rail for the main part of your route—and minimize your road transportation to only storage-to-terminal and terminal-to-factory. In the process, reduce your footprint on environmental impact.

In-transit material-handling

Multimodal transportation involves a combination of road and rail routes. Involving multiple modes of transportation complicates both the logistics and material handling. We have dedicated professionals and transport management systems to handle the complexities of multimodal transportation. We have in-house software systems to manage your logistics accurately. And, skilled crew members and modern material-handling equipment to safely conduct repeated loading/unloading of the material throughout the process—and ensure that your bulk liquid reaches you, uncompromised, and in time.

Dedicated transport management

Having a dedicated transport management system is integral to a complex transportation process, such as multimodal transportation. At AMLF, we provide our clients with dedicated ERP systems to manage the logistics of their multimodal bulk liquid transportation. Starting from your route planning & optimization, documentation, and in-transit accounts & billing—to—material status, driver details, transit monitoring, and delivery tracking. We have a robust system to precisely account for every aspect of transport management.

Dedicated Pan-India services

We multimodal bulk liquid transportation services all over India. We can customize our services to fit your unique needs—for either door-to-door solutions or terminal-to-terminal solutions. We have the suitable fleet, employee, and network strengths to scale our services across the nation. AMLF is also known for its dedicated services in the Northern and Eastern regions of the country, with regular dispatches from Mumbai and Hazira.

Why Choose AMLF multimodal transportation for your bulk liquids?

Prioritizing your shipment safety above all

Although rail transportation is safer, in terms of major accidents, than road transportation. There is still a great risk of handling damages and pilferages. This is why we make the safety of your material our top priority. We have special safety measures like Abloy lock systems and bottle seals installed in our ISO containers. We train our crew members with the latest safety techniques and practices. And, we provide in-transit monitoring of your material.

A committed and transparent organization

At AMLF, we uphold our promises. Additionally, in order to maintain transparency on our end, we are willing to release the reports and video evidence that attest to the high calibre of our ISO tanks, vehicle, equipment, and facilities.

100% company-owned assets

We are always able to live up to our claims—in terms of safety, quality, and deadlines—because all our assets are 100% company-owned. We have absolute control over their availability and condition. Additionally, we are also a zero-debt company. Both these features ensure that you can conduct risk-free business with us.

Prime assets & infrastructure

We not only have industry-standard assets & infrastructure but, we have in-house mechanics and technicians for routine maintenance and process checks. Our in-house crew—with their constant training and grooming—ensures that our services are always functioning optimally.

A technology-integrated process

For the management of your bulk liquid transport, via road & rail, we have a proprietary ERP system. Get automated MIS reporting and meaningful logistics! To guarantee recent technological implementations, we maintain in-house software development solutions.

Modern & efficient team of professionals

Our most valuable resource is our workforce. We place the utmost significance on our personnel' education, training, and awareness because we are aware that these factors have a big impact on the safety of the transportation process. Our drivers receive quarterly training in vital logistics skills like product and documentation verification, material handling, defensive driving, risk assessment, and emergency management.

A growth-focused company

Our company has internal accruals for spending on the newest tools, projects, and technologies. At the moment, AMLF is eager to explore gas tank operations and all the prospects that come with it.

We advocate sustainability

Our multimodal transportation solutions are typically geared toward encouraging eco-friendly processes in the transportation industry. With rail transportation, we consume less fuel and emit fewer hazardous emissions. Additionally, our experts regularly review and evaluate our procedures to optimise for the least amount of emissions and dangers.

Growth & development-focused company

Our organization maintains internal accruals for investing in the latest technologies, equipment, and initiatives. Currently, At AMLF, we are looking forward to venturing into Gas tank operations and all the opportunities that come with it.

We promote sustainability

We are on the green team! We offer our rail transportation services as an eco-friendly alternative to road transportation. With rail transportation, we reduce our footprint on both harmful emissions and fuel consumption. Additionally, Our professionals routinely evaluate & assess our processes to optimize for minimum emissions and hazards.

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