Our Mission & Initiatives

At AMLF, we are committed to providing efficient and reliable bulk liquid transportation & warehousing solutions. At the forefront of our mission, is a commitment to implement safe and environmentally conscious operations. This commitment forms the very foundation of our work culture, management, and systems planning.

Industry-standard product safety measures
Driver safety & training
Process optimization for environment sustainability

Our three core initiatives to uphold the integrity of our mission

For AMLF to become a company that operates with 100% safe and sustainable processes, we had to address various critical functional areas separately. First, we had to ensure a dedicated fleet of vehicles and tanks for reliable transportation and warehousing services. Secondly, we had to install our assets with additional features to adhere to high safety & security requirements.

Thirdly, we had to maintain and train an in-house crew of handlers, mechanics, and drivers to execute the processes safely. And, finally, our modern logistics professionals had to design the processes with elements that always minimize the risk of accidents and environmental hazards. It wasn’t an overnight journey, but after 26 years of innovation and modification—we operate safely and sustainably!

Product safety measures

The safety of your bulk liquid is one of our top concerns. As an industry leader, our processes address every relevant aspect of product safety.

  • We have modern ISO tank containers that ensure high-level protection against impact damage and leakage.
  • Our ISO tanks are also equipped with features like insulation, flame arrest, and temperature check—to uphold your material integrity at all costs.
  • We have additionally installed modern Abloy lock systems and bottle seals to curb the risks of pilferage during transportation and warehousing.
  • We provide in-house ERP systems to track the status and integrity of your bulk liquid at all times
  • We provide squad vehicles for in-transit supervision of your valuable bulk liquid.
  • We are subscribed to the NicerGlobe platform—which allows our us to track shipments and monitor transportation, and provide timely alerts to efficiently manage drivers.
  • Implementation of Abloy lock systems in ISO tanks has helped in reducing shortages from an average of 0.22% in 2021-2022 to 0.06% in the calendar year 2022-2023

More than 70% reduction in in-transit pilferage with modern lock and seal systems. Our ISO tank containers are far superior to conventional tank containers, and are 100% safe!

Routine driver training systems

At AMLF we are not sincere about the standard of our facilities, equipment, and vehicles—but of our drivers as well! We routinely train and educate our drivers in the latest safe driving techniques and transportation logistics. We also formulate various systems of incentivizing our drivers to perform consistently.

  • Quarterly training in defensive driving techniques is mandatory for all our drivers.
  • Our drivers are regularly educated and informed about hazard risks associated with various liquids.
  • We also routinely train our drivers on critical emergency management techniques and practices
  • We maintain a system of incentivizing drivers upon sharing video footage and reports of near misses during every transit. This helps us get better insights into driver capabilities and improve their driving techniques.

Driver training initiatives have reduced the annual accident count to 6 . Encouraged by the incentivizing system, drivers report 3 near misses/trip on average.

Environmentally sustainable practices

Environmental sustainability is a major concern at AMLF. Processes like transportation and warehousing are often associated with hazardous outcomes like emission of greenhouse gases, extreme fuel consumption, and generation of toxic waste. Naturally, we see it as our fundamental obligation to ensure that our processes are optimized to impact the minimum impression of carbon footprint possible.

  • We promote the transportation of bulk liquid through our rail transportation model. This minimizes both the emission of greenhouse gases and fuel consumption.
  • Our in-house mechanics maintain our facilities and equipment regularly to ensure that they aren’t leaking any hazardous emissions into the environment.
  • Our ISO tanks are serviced and cleaned at our depots using sustainable and efficient waste management techniques.
  • “With the increase in the adoption of the rail model with a 30% year-on-year increase since 2018, we have moved almost 60000 metric tonnes of annual volume that was moved by road to a rail model. This translates to over 1000000 km in distance moved by rail (which is electric) which is the equivalent of over 800000kg of carbon dioxide emissions reduced last year alone.”

Why trust AMLF?

We would never ask you to place your trust entirely in our words and claims. At AMLF we not only strive for high standards of services but also an equally high level of transparency (for our clients) in our operations. We are always willing to share video footage, reports, and reference checks of your processes, operations, ISO tanks, equipment, and facilities. If you have any inquiries about the authenticity of our initiatives or the nature of our services, please feel free to get in touch with us. Write to us or call us, and one of our support staff will be happy to guide you into getting started.

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