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We are always ready to provide you with comprehensive, personalized, and cost-friendly warehousing solutions. If you have any inquiries about the nature and process of our warehousing services or the authenticity of our claims, or, if you find yourself in need of transportation and warehousing counsel—feel free to write to us or call us. Reach out to us for a quotation or counsel, and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

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Service Overview

At AMLF we can reduce your in-transit complexity and hassle with your flexible warehousing services. You can leave your ISO tanks at our warehouses or lease our ISO tanks and transfer your cargo for warehousing. We can store your bulk liquids for as long as you need and even deliver them to your doorstep whenever you need them. Our processes are tightly coupled with modern ERP systems that allow you to manage and track the status of your cargo at all times! We also have dedicated logistics executives and technicians to ensure schedule accuracy and cargo safety at all costs.

  • Over 400 company-owned vehicles for cargo delivery.
  • Over 350 ISO tanks for in-transit storage.
  • Closed and open-yard storage for warehousing.
  • Skilled crew for warehouse material handling
  • Professional drivers for last-mile delivery
  • In-house mechanics for maintenance

AMLF: A one-stop warehousing solution for your bulk liquids

Safe in-transit warehousing

We provide 100% safe and secure in-transit warehousing for your bulk liquids. We have fully-equipped warehouses with both closed and open-yard storage. Our storage facilities are built in accordance with all industry-standard parameters—like interlocking storage systems—to preserve your liquid integrity and avoid material contamination. We are always investing in the latest technologies and equipment to keep our warehousing processes optimized, and our in-house mechanics routinely maintain our facilities to guarantee your material’s safety.

ISO tank leasing services

We have over 350 company-owned ISO tanks. Transfer your bulk liquids from your EXIM tanks into our ISO tank containers and safely leave them for storage at our warehouses. Our ISO tanks are well-protected with robust frames that protect leakage against accidental impacts. The ISO tank containers are also installed with facilities insulation, flame arrest, and temperature check to preserve material integrity. Additionally, we have also installed modern Abloy lock systems and bottle seals to bypass risks of pilferage throughout the warehousing period.

Cost-friendly storage solutions

At AMLF, we provide highly personalized services to fit your unique in-transit needs and help you avoid excess costs. Our warehousing services, for instance, can help you avoid additional demurrage costs. Transfer your bulk liquids from your EXIM tanks into our ISO tank containers and store them at our warehouses. And, we have the facility and manpower to break your bulk liquid and deliver it part by part as you need. We have an expert crew and safe equipment to transfer and handle your material, we have professional drivers for safe & timely delivery, and we have dedicated logistics professionals and systems to help you keep track of the entire process.

Storage material handling

We have an extensive in-house crew of material handlers, skilled at transportation & warehousing, who are routinely trained in safety protocols and the latest material handling techniques. Our facility also includes transferring and handling equipment like tractor trollies, horse trollies, and hose pipes and pumps—which are always kept clean, contamination-free, and in prime working condition by our in-house mechanics. Get safe material handling at every stage of the process—loading/unloading, liquid transferring, warehousing, and last-mile delivery.

Warehousing management & monitoring

We offer our clients dedicated ERP systems for warehouse management and monitoring. Our experienced logistics professionals and in-house software developers have teamed up to design robust ERP systems that can thoroughly address every logistic aspect of bulk liquid transportation and warehousing. The ERP systems can help you track the detailed status of your bulk liquid, both during storage and delivery. Get real-time data on storage logistics and automated MIS reports! Additionally, we can also provide CCTV footage for live monitoring of your bulk liquid.

Last-mile delivery

Our warehousing services are complete and comprehensive. At AMLF, our services not only cater to warehousing needs but to every other supporting requirement involved with the warehousing process. We have an extensive fleet of company-owned vehicles, accompanied by professional drivers to offer last-mile delivery services. Our logistics professionals can plan and counsel optimized routes for safe and timely delivery of your bulk liquids. You can also track the delivery status from the ERP systems—and we can offer in-transit monitoring with CCTV footage and squad vehicle supervision.

Why choose AMLF for your bulk liquid warehousing?

Safe & secure warehousing

Our warehousing processes meet all the necessary safety and security measures for the storage of bulk liquids. Our ISO tanks are installed with modern specialized features to preserve the integrity of your bulk liquid materials.

A transparent organization

Verify our safety claims for yourself. We give you access to reports and video footage of your warehouses, processes, facilities, and equipment.

100% company-owned assets

All of our ISO tanks, storage spaces, and tools are company-owned. This gives us the flexibility to easily adapt and expand our services to meet varying needs even at short notice. Complete ownership of the process assets also gives us the advantage of having total control over the effectiveness and quality of our procedures.

A zero-debt company

AMLF is a completely debt-free logistics company. Every business you conduct with us involves minimum financial risk.

Well-maintained assets & infrastructure

We have an in-house crew of mechanics—who are constantly trained to stay updated on the modernity of their craft—to keep our facilities, equipment, and infrastructure in their prime condition.

Pan-India transportation services

We can lease out ISO tanks, provide warehousing services, and deliver bulk liquids to any part of India. With over 26 years of service, we have established a strong network across the nation to efficiently conduct our processes—and a relevant experience to offer effective counsel.

Technology-integrated modern processes

We offer warehousing services for your bulk liquids with modern inventory management practices based on robust ERP systems. Our proprietary logistics management system can track your storage status and accurately automate reports.

A skilled and responsible team

All our employees are groomed to function optimally and responsibly. They are routinely trained, informed, and educated on process optimization, safety practices, and technological innovations. Additionally, our delivery drivers are quarterly trained in critical logistics procedures like documentation and product checking, material handling, defensive driving techniques, hazard risks, and emergency management.

An expansive scope of services

At AMLF, we always look forward to initiatives that bring growth and new opportunities. At AMLF, the scope of our services is ever-expanding. Currently, we are in the planning phase of implementing ISO tanks and storage for bulk gases.

Sustainable processes

At AMLF, we promote sustainable and eco-friendly processes. All our warehousing and ISO tank operations processes are optimized to inflict minimum impact on the environment. Our processes and systems ensure minimum emission of greenhouse gases and avoid all forms of toxic waste.

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